Analog Design

 Circuit Design

Expertise in developing complex Analog and Mixed Signal IP’s from scratch as well as design modifications.

TechM Semicon Design Team has experienced in developing IP’s for high speed serial interfaces, high performance applications etc.


 AMS verification:

Expertise in developing state of the art mixed signal verification environments for complex mixed signal IPs.

  • BMOD development
  • Built complex verification environments from scratch
  • self-checking assertion checks

 Custom Layout design

TechM Semicon Layout team has extensive experience in high speed and core analog layout. We have proven experience in 14nm (Finfet), 10nm (Finfet) and 7nm (Finfet) process nodes.

  • Experts with experience down to 7nm process node
  • Floor planning, BUMP routing and Area optimization
  • Analog layout matching/shielding techniques
  • IR drop and EM analysis
  • ESD & clamps placement
  • Complex Mixed signal integration
  • Layout verification flows : DRC, LVS, Extraction, DFM, EM & IR

 Standard Cell design and layout services

TechM Semicon has more than 10 years of experience in technology nodes from 0.25um to 7nm where team demonstrated for maximum density and high routing performances. Our team has been developing the following standard cells like Inverters, Buffers, Clock cells, NAND, NOR, AND, OR, AOI, OAI, AO, OA, XNOR, XOR, MUX, IMUX, D-Latch, D-Flops, Scan D-Flops, Half-Adders, Full-Adder cells. Also experienced to hand power management, retention and special operation cells for the specific application support. Our team has the following design cycle supported for many of our customer’s library developments.

  1. Standard cell library development ( Design and layout)
  2. Standard cell library optimization
  3. Standard cell library migration
  4. Standard cell library characterization and re-characterization

 Memory design and layout

TechM Semicon has highly focused design and layout engineers to develop FinFET memory cells. Team handled latest process technology likes 14nm and 7nm for the various foundries. Our team has highly experienced of advanced custom circuit implementations. Also developed good understanding of SRAM Architecture , circuit design, physical implementation, compiler automation, characterization, timing and model generations. Team has direct experience with most of the advanced technology nodes and interfaced with silicon validation.